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Because of Horses

Apr 13, 2018

Elise’s guest on today’s Because of Horses is Danny Forbes, founder and owner of DMF Productions. Danny regularly produces phenomenal clinics featuring some of the world’s finest equestrians, including George Morris, McLain Ward, Scott Brash, and Isabell Werth — the most decorated Olympic equestrian in history.


No stranger to the competitive equestrian world, Danny himself enjoyed a long career in the industry, both in and out of the saddle. He spent the majority of his life as a professional Show Jumping rider, competing all over North America, New Zealand, Ireland, England, and throughout Europe. He has been coached by the likes of Neil Hendricks and has enjoyed great success. His own love of horses and the incredible generosity offered to him by talented trainers and riders over the years inspired DMF Production’s mission: to give riders, from amateur to professional, the opportunity to school with some of the most decorated athletes in the sport.


Danny is a wonderful example of sticking to your dreams no matter the obstacles. Today, Elise and Danny discuss his business,DMF Productions:how it got started, what it takes to organize and produce a clinic, his dream guest list, and who he is featuring in upcoming clinics. They also discuss Danny’s childhood growing up: integral lessons in riding, pivotal horses that changed Danny’s life, his inspiring coaches, and becoming a young apprentice to the Canadian Olympian, Jay Hayes. Tune in to hear more about Danny’s incredible journey!


Topics of Discussion:

[1:33] The heartwarming story of how Danny got his first pony.

[4:18] Where did Danny’s love of horses come from?

[6:00] The integral lessons Danny learned when he was younger.

[8:26] The physical and emotional components of riding horses.

[10:00] The pivotal horses in Danny’s life and how they affected him.

[14:45] About Danny’s amazing childhood coach, Mary, and the integral role she played in Danny’s life.

[17:00] Another pivotal moment in Danny’s life: becoming an apprentice to the Canadian Olympian, Jay Hayes.

[21:26] How did Danny find the courage to approach Olympian Jay Hayes for a job at the age of 15?

[23:44] Reading listener’s feedback!

[24:53] How DMF Productions got its start and Danny’s journey building the business.

[30:25] What it is like for Danny to produce clinics alongside the world's most celebrated equestrians.

[32:38] Danny explains how the clinics are organized and all the work that goes into producing one.

[36:08] What excites Danny about one of his upcoming clinics, featuring Isabell Werth —the most decorated Olympic equestrian in history.

[38:29] Where to find out more about the clinics.

[40:21] Potential clinicians and riders Danny would love to feature in future clinics.

[44:19] The challenge of economics in young riders' lives.

[47:41] Hard work pays off: the strong character traits that have allowed Danny to overcome challenges throughout his life and never letting anything deter him.

[50:15] Does Danny ever recall being overwhelmed during his journey as an equestrian?


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