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Because of Horses

Jul 6, 2018

Elise’s guest today, Kevin Kidder, wears many hats; professional photographer, graphic artist, marketing professional, and the Chief Operating Officer of Andalusian World LLC — the organization responsible for the annual Andalusian World Cup in Las Vegas. He has been featured by Time Warner, CNN, The Press-Enterprise, and The Sun for his murals and designs. 


But one of Kevin’s most notable accomplishments is his work on behalf of the annual Andalusian World Cup — an ongoing endeavor that truly expresses Kevin's heart, creativity, and his ability to unite people all over the globe on behalf of our beloved horses. The world’s top Iberian horses, trainers, exhibitors, and spectators come from across the globe to this "champion of champions" annual event.


In this episode, Elise and Kevin discuss the Andalusian World Cup in detail — behind the scenes and the work that goes into it, the amazing diversity and cultures represented at the show, the location and dates, what the venue is like, and all about the experience you would have if you were to attend as an exhibitor, attendee, or competitor. They also discuss Kevin’s background, how he manages to juggle his passion for horses and art, and how he became an equestrian photographer.


Topics of Discussion:

[:45] About Elise’s guest today, Kevin Kidder.

[1:43] How does Kevin manage to juggle his passions for horses and art?

[2:15] How did Kevin end up becoming an equestrian photographer?

[3:33] How Kevin captures the distinct energy present in his equestrian photography.

[7:00] How Kevin made his transition from artist, designer, photographer to one of the masterminds behind the annual Andalusian World Cup.

[12:13] Reading listener feedback!

[13:20] The many organizations related to Iberian horses and the amazing event that brings them all together: the Andalusian World Cup.

[14:44] What constitutes an Iberian horse?

[17:58] The type of Iberian horse that would compete in the World Cup.

[20:16] The different cross-breeds of horses that can be recognized as an offshoot of the Iberian horse.

[21:51] Why Kevin believes the Andalusian World Cup is such an important event for Iberian horses and horse lovers worldwide.

[26:02] What it’s been like to see the dream of the Andalusian World Cup come together.

[31:58] The amazing diversity and cultures that are represented because of the show.

[32:26] Kevin’s incredibly moving experience at SICAB.

[35:47] The biggest reason why Kevin puts on this event.

[37:08] The location and dates of the Andalusian World Cup.

[37:36] What the venue for the show is like and why it creates such a draw for exhibitors and attendees.

[40:16] Preview of next week’s Because of Horses with Jonathan Deeley.

[41:17] Everything you need is right there at the Andalusian World Cup for horse lovers, as well as non-equestrian friends and family.

[43:12] How the awards go beyond ribbons for the competitors at the show.

[46:33] How Kevin keeps the family-friendly, inclusive vibe at the Andalusian World Cup.

[49:43] What you need to know when attending the show as an attendee, exhibitor, or competitor.

[51:08] Where to learn more about Kevin’s design business and photography.


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