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Because of Horses

Apr 12, 2019

Elise’s guest this week, on the Because of Horses podcast is Charlie Muldoon.


Both on and off the field, few people in the U.S. have been as influential to the game of polo as Charlie Muldoon. As the youngest member of the Muldoons, one of polo’s most iconic families and the first family to win a national tournament together in the U.S., Charlie began his pro career at age 18. He quickly rose to prominence and even captained the U.S. Polo team on numerous occasions as a high-goal polo player. He has competed at the highest levels with standout performances at the U.S. Polo Open, the FIP World Polo Championship, the Geneva Open, and the East Coast Open.


Currently, Charlie is the Executive Director of the U.S. Polo Association Umpires, LLC., where he presides over the official rules in tournaments worldwide, while also serving as Governor at Large of the U.S. Polo Association.


For non-players, polo is an incredibly exciting sport to both participate in and watch. And, interestingly enough, it is the oldest team sport known to man!


In this week’s episode, Charlie and Elise talk all things polo — from the Muldoon’s legacy and Charlie’s love for polo (and horses!) to some of the more technical aspects of polo, as well as some funny stories on and off the field. Join Charlie and Elise to get your fill of all things polo and horses!


Topics of Discussion:

[:18] About today’s episode with Charlie Muldoon.

[1:41] Charlie describes the game of polo for those who may not be familiar.

[2:42] What is it that hooks amateurs into giving a polo a try, then ultimately, sticking with it?

[5:45] Elise’s experience with polo and the polo community.

[7:38] Why the polo community is so welcoming and friendly.

[11:22] Talking fun polo traditions and camaraderie!

[12:35] Elise tells a funny story of her brother coming to watch her play polo.

[13:32] Charlie mentions some surprising things about polo.

[15:05] Charlie goes over some of the technical rules and gameplay of polo.

[21:04] Is it common to be able to rent polo ponies for amateurs to give it a try?

[23:48] Professional polo players often keep a string of polo ponies. Charlie explains what’s entailed with keeping so many horses fit, happy, and sound.

[28:12] The qualities that make for a fantastic polo player.

[30:31] Some of the celebrities and royalty Charlie has ridden with (or played against).

[33:48] Charlie speaks about his family’s legacy around polo and what it means to him.

[37:37] What strikes Charlie the most about his family’s philanthropic nature and the paths they have opened for others through their love for polo?

[39:52] About next week’s episode of Because of Horses.

[41:45] About Charlie’s business, Summerhill Polo, and what he hopes to accomplish through it.

[44:07] Online resources Charlie recommends listeners check out to learn more about polo.

[45:45] Elise closes out this week’s episode.


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