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Because of Horses

Jun 29, 2018

Elise’s guest today is Heather Holderby, a former intern at the Kentucky Equine Management Internship program (KEMI). KEMI was founded in 2000 to help young people who are interested in a career with horses -- but lack the experience, knowledge, and contacts in the industry -- to get that first break.


Through KEMI, Heather has had experiences with some of the finest Thoroughbreds and professionals in the horse world — including working at Ashford Stud, where she was among the lucky few to welcome Triple Crown winner American Pharoah straight off the trailer from winning the Breeder's Cup. She also worked at Timber Town Stables for the renowned Shelley Bunning, helping foal out such legends as Havre de Grace, Groupie Doll, and Unrivaled Belle.


In Episode 33 of Because of Horses, Elise interviewed KEMI’s program coordinator, Leslie Janecka, who told us all about the program’s structure, eligibility requirements, and what the program entails. This episode, Heather gives us a former intern's inside look into the program and tells us all about her personal experiences, from enrollment to graduation and what she's doing now.


Topics of Discussion:

[:45] About Elise’s guest today, Heather Holderby.

[1:42] How did Heather first learn about KEMI? What drew her to the program?

[3:29] How long was Heather at KEMI?

[3:40] How Heather’s feelings about the horse industry evolved during her time with KEMI.

[5:22] Where did Heather work during her internship and what was the selection process like?

[8:03] Elise’s surprise fan interaction!

[9:05] Do you have a favorite episode? Or recommendations for a guest in a future episode? Email Elise:!

[9:28] A typical day in the classroom and on the farm for Heather.

[11:50] Heather’s experience working with foal legends such as Havre de Grace, Groupie Doll, and Unrivaled Belle.

[14:03] What it was like working with Shelley Bunning at Timber Town Stables?

[16:02] How her KEMI experience laid a phenomenal foundation for Heather's current plans and her future career.

[17:01] Heather's thoughts on some day returning to Lexington, Kentucky.

[19:03] Heather’s advice for those considering applying to KEMI.

[20:49] All about the busy life of a KEMI intern.

[22:17] Does Heather stay in touch with other graduates of the KEMI program? What careers are her former classmates pursuing now?

[23:29] A preview of next week’s episode of Because of Horses.

[25:12] Heather’s take on the tradition of “working your way up” in the horse world.

[27:04] Heather’s last thoughts on the KEMI program.


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