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Because of Horses

Oct 18, 2019

Following one’s passion isn’t always about making our own life better — sometimes, we get a very unique opportunity to fully harness the skills, talent, experience, connections, and interests we possess in the service of someone we love. This is precisely what happened in Rupert Isaacson’s case when his young son, Rowan, was diagnosed with autism. And in Rupert’s very real quest to help his little boy, he discovered a therapeutic approach that could help others who are on the same journey. To share this desperately needed support as broadly as possible, Rupert wrote a book, created a film, and established a foundation. He’s even taken his message personally to the world to anyone who would listen through clinics, conferences, personal appearances, partnering with neurologists and therapists around the world, and doing everything in his power to shift our thinking about autism and how to support autists in a more nurturing and effective way.


In this week's Season 3 premiere episode — that also marks Rupert Isaacson’s return to the podcast — he shares about his incredible journey with his son, Rowan. He provides insight into how autists experience autism, how Rowan’s journey is helping thousands of people (autistic or not) through the Horse Boy Foundation and Kids Must Move, their journey through Mongolia and why they chose to film absolutely everything on their trip — even the moments that seemed far too raw for the camera, and some of the powerful moments that really stand out to him when he looks back on his family’s journey.


Topics of Discussion:

[:24] About today’s episode.

[1:51] Rupert speaks about the early days of his son, Rowan’s, autism diagnosis and the beginning of their journey to help him cope through the magic of horses.

[5:34] Rupert provides his insight into how autists experience autism.

[11:43] Rupert speaks about the incredible transformation he noticed in his son after the San Bushmen healers prayed over him during their ceremonies in Mongolia.

[16:55] How Rowan’s journey is helping thousands of people (autistic or not) through the Horse Boy Foundation and Kids Must Move.

[18:33] What is shamanism? And how can it help aid healthy brain function and be especially beneficial to those with autism?

[21:40] Rupert reflects on his journey with Rowan and speaks more about the characteristics of shamanism and the major differences between it and western medicine.

[24:25] Rupert speaks about their journey through Mongolia and why they chose to film everything on their trip.

[26:34] Were there ever any moments that were too raw for the camera?

[29:29] When Rupert looks back on his family’s journey, what stands out for him?

[32:18] When does that healthy reliance on proven methods in Western medicine become an impediment to utilizing new methods that have incredibly positive outcomes?

[35:02] Rupert’s book, The Horse Boy, was received with stellar reviews — most notably perhaps was the review from the Autism Society of America’s former President and CEO, Lee Grossman. Does it ever strike Rupert the degree to which his journey is helping to improve others’ lives?

[36:54] Rupert offers some guidance to those on a similar path to his own.

[38:42] What’s next for Rupert and Rowan?

[45:42] Where to find out more about the work Rupert is doing.


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