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Because of Horses

Feb 1, 2019

Tyler Jacobs, director and real estate partner with Hall and Hall, has been selling farms and ranches since 1998. Hall and Hall is the premier source for ranchers looking to buy and sell land in the west, with over $3 billion in total sales since 2008 and more acreage brokered than any firm in the world.

Founded in 1946 by Henry Hall and his son Warren, Hall and Hall grew from modest roots with deals simply closed by a handshake to an employee-owned company whose team-based approach is customer-focused and results-oriented. Hall and Hall’s 24 brokers and agents work out of 19 regional offices spanning from Texas to Montana, assisting clients with individual needs ranging from mortgage banking to real estate appraisals to hiring an experienced ranch manager. 

Tyler is based in the College Station, Texas, branch of Hall and Hall, and ranches in nearby Montgomery, Texas. Tyler, his wife Amy and their four children show ranch horses and commercial cattle. He is the president of the Texas Land Brokers Network.

In this episode, Elise and Tyler discuss his passion for real estate, ranching, horses, and the land; his experiences with both his work and his favorite horses; as well as his insights into helping buyers fulfill their dreams. He also reflects on the unique opportunities that have come his way because of his ranching experience and heritage, and offers guidance on selecting a real estate expert, including the specific needs of horse-people and fascinating anecdotes about representing some of the finest properties in the US.


Topics of Discussion:

[:18] About Elise’s guest today: Tyler Jacobs.

[:48] Why Hall and Hall’s traditions are so fundamental to him personally and to the organization.

[3:43] How often are buyers’ dreams and ideals not only met, but exceeded?

[6:24] Elise’s personal experience ranch-hunting and Tyler’s observations on the similarities among buyers.

[8:47] Properties that particularly stand out to Tyler.

[13:36] When buyers or sellers are looking for a real estate agency to represent them, what is it that Tyler would like them to know about Hall and Hall?

[18:58] All of the important attributes in a good real estate representative.

[20:12] What made Tyler originally want to get into real estate? And what has kept him in the business?

[24:40] Tyler reflects on how blessed he feels for the opportunities presented to him and being able to partner with Hall and Hall.

[28:48] Horses that stand out to Tyler as true favorites.

[32:05] How normal is the ranching lifestyle (and all that it encompasses) for Tyler and his family?

[40:15] About next week’s episode of Because of Horses.

[41:56] Some more of Tyler’s and his family’s special experience with horses and ranches.

[42:55] Where to learn more about Hall and Hall, and talk with Tyler directly.


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Mentioned in this Episode:

Hall and Hall

Stock Horse Association of Texas

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United States Pony Club

To get in touch with Tyler, call: (936) 537-1749


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