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Because of Horses

Mar 30, 2018

Elise’s guest today is Cavalia aerialist and rider, Claire Beer. Cavalia is a show that calls for superlatives — It’s the biggest touring show in the world, held under the largest big top in the world. It is a show inspired by the ancient alliance between horse and human, combining  practically every mythos involving horses ever known to mankind. Over 5 million people worldwide have seen the show since its 2003 debut. And it's the dream, come to life, of Cirque du Soleil's creator, Normand Latourelle.


Cavalia showcases 50 artists from 13 nationalities, speaking a total of seven languages, and is comprised of 65 horses, representing 11 breeds, performing five separate disciplines. The perfection demonstrated by Cavalia's equine and human performers comes only through extreme dedication, passion, courage, and remarkable physical and mental discipline. All of the hard work that goes into these shows truly makes Cavalia a show of epic cultures, joy, and magic.


As one of the many incredibly talented Cavalia aerialists and riders, Claire shares her insights into her remarkable and unique career, what life is like touring worldwide all year ’round, how she originally came to join Cavalia, her training and work philosophy, and her plans for the future.


Topics of Discussion:

[2:33] What it’s like for Claire, going to work every day to such a magical work environment.

[4:01] Elise’s experience at Cavalia’s Odysseo show.

[4:37] The goal of Cavalia, how the magic of the show comes together, and how they train with the horses.

[5:56] Claire’s journey and how she came to join Cavalia.

[12:29] Claire’s love for traveling the world, and learning about new cultures and places.

[14:02] What it means to be an aerialist at Cavalia.

[18:20] How Cavalia and Claire keep every performance fun and fresh....and safe.

[21:10] The physical and mental discipline needed to perform with Cavalia.

[25:44] What keeps Claire “on her toes” during the performance.

[29:13] Claire’s favorite breed of horse at Cavalia.

[31:16] Reading and answering listener feedback!

[33:04] What the selection and training processes are like for the horses.

[35:19] How Claire is flexible with her own performance to accommodate the horses.

[40:48] Cavalia’s horse training philosophy.

[43:40] The family environment and common goal shared amongst the Cavalia team.

[45:58] Claire’s training regimen to stay in top form.

[48:58] About the work behind Because of Horses.

[50:49] The difference between a good performer and a phenomenal one.

[52:36] What hasn’t Claire tried that she’d like to?

[54:22] How Claire defines success.

[59:56] Where Cavalia is going to be in 2018 and what Claire is currently up to.

[1:02:04] Where to find Claire online.


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