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Because of Horses

Jun 15, 2018

Elise’s guest today is Cowboy poet laureate and published author, Charles “Smokey” Culver. Charles has written over 500 poems and his most recent book — A Wrap and a Hooey — was nominated as the cowboy poetry book of the year. Beyond his poetry, Charles is an expert witness in court cases, a volunteer worker at Habitat for Horses, an avid photographer, and a singer and songwriter.


Charles main passion -- cowboy poetry -- is a form of poetry that first grew out of a tradition created by cowboys and hands working on cattle drives and ranches. After a long, hard day of work, they would gather around a campfire and entertain one another with tall tales and folk songs.


This episode, Charles “Smokey” Culver tells us all about cowboy poetry, the cowboy lifestyle, and the Cowboy Code; his range of passions and the work he does outside of writing; his life philosophies; and some of the many reasons he loves poetry. Charles also recites several of his poems ... from beautiful, to nostalgic, to absolutely hilarious — he can do it all.


Topics of Discussion:

[:45] About Elise’s guest today.

[1:12] What is “cowboy poetry?”

[2:30] Why Charles thinks the cowboy lifestyle is still thriving and what attracts new poetry fans.

[3:39] What about cowboy poetry lends itself so well to music?

[4:50] The themes that resonate with Charles.

[6:59] Charles shares one of his favorite poems.

[8:10] Reading listener feedback!

[9:31] The opportunity for connection through sharing cowboy poetry.

[10:50] Why Charles believes that the stories told in cowboy poetry still resonate with people in modern society.

[14:58] What Charles loves about the Cowboy Code.

[17:45] About Charles’s work as an expert witness in court cases.

[19:12] About Charles’s regular volunteer work at Habitat for Horses.

[20:20] Where Charles’s philosophy on life came from.

[21:55] Where does Charles get his overabundance of creativity?

[23:32] What drew Charles to poetry when he was a young teenager?

[24:40] A poem Charles wrote about cowboys’ sensitive, loving nature.

[26:40] A preview of next week’s episode.

[28:04] The hilarious side of cowboy poetry: Charles shares a funny poem, told at his own expense.

[31:27] Performances and venues that have stood out to Charles.

[32:35] Advice Charles would give to prospective poets.

[34:02] Where to find Charles’ work and his upcoming events.

[34:34] Charles’ final thoughts on poetry and life, in general.


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