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Because of Horses

Oct 12, 2018

This special episode of the Because of Horses podcast concludes the first season... and it is with great pleasure that we do so with this very special conversation about philanthropy, inspiration, and kindness.


The Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund is a private philanthropic fund established to improve the lives of children with special needs; enable access to education; and provide care, compassion, and protection to animals.


Elise’s guests are Lindsay Maxwell, the founder of the Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund, and Bill Rube, the fund’s Executive Director. Created in 2016 and inspired by the loss of Lindsay’s beloved brother, Benjamin, the fund also beautifully expresses Lindsay’s desire to give back to the industry that gave her and countless other riders the opportunity to pursue their passion for horses. 


Join Elise, Lindsay, and Bill, for a truly inspirational experience.


Topics of Discussion:

[:47] About concluding this year’s first season of the Because of Horses podcast.

[1:08] Elise introduces her guests this week, Lindsay Maxwell and Bill Rube.

[2:02] The beautiful inspiration that Lindsay’s brother, Benjamin, provided for their family’s philanthropic endeavors; how he has inspired their mission statement; and how the fund continues to fulfill these goals of providing support for at-risk, underserved, and special needs children.

[3:33] Lindsay speaks about her passion for charity horse shows and equestrian events that really align with her fund.

[6:20] About Bill Rube’s accomplished background with USHJA.

[6:58] What initially drew Bill Rube to join the Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund as Executive Director.

[8:53] Lindsay’s perspective on why Bill is the ideal Executive Director for her fund.

[11:20] Lindsay and Bill share stories about supporting young, under-funded, junior riders.

[16:50] About the amazing grant the fund provides in helping young riders attend the WHIS Equitation Finals.

[21:36] Lindsay and Bill address the concern that the number of equestrians aging out in the industry seems higher than the number of young equestrians coming into it.

[26:12] About Elise’s book, A Parent’s Guide to Riding Lessons.

[27:10] The importance of adults in a young rider’s life in terms of horsemanship and living, how Lindsay’s trainers have helped her to appreciate the people behind the scenes, and the young riders she’s helping to support.

[33:03] Did Bill Rube come from an equestrian family? How did his passion come to be?

[40:29] Lindsay talks about her wonderful horses and the amazing support system she has.

[44:25] About next week’s episode of Because of Horses, Season 2.

[45:45] What Lindsay and Bill want listeners to know about the Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund.


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