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Because of Horses

Nov 9, 2018

Endorsed by Penny Chenery with the use of the great Secretariat’s name and located in the Kentucky Horse Park, Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center is THE gold standard in re-educating and re-homing off-the-track Thoroughbreds. 


The Center’s work is essential, considering that more than 20,000 Thoroughbred foals are born each year… but only about half of them even make it to the race track. And of those, only a fraction go on to have successful racing careers. Tragically, more than 10,000 American Thoroughbreds are shipped to slaughter in Canada and Mexico each year. 


But this is where Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center makes a profound difference by stepping in to provide as many of these horses as possible the hope and opportunity for a new life and career. 

Listen to this important episode with Executive Director Susanna Thomas to learn about the Center’s history, its incredible work, and especially, the horses. 


And if you’re thinking about a new horse, think about this:  not only are the Center’s horses registered Thoroughbreds in their prime, they are also impeccably trained — some of the world’s top equestrian competitors donate their time to work with these horses… often taking their favorite home to join their own stables. 



Topics of Discussion:

[:21] About Elise’s guest today.

[1:31] Susanna explains how the idea for the Secretariat Center originated.

[2:25] How the horses wind up at the Secretariat Center.

[5:42] Susanna explains how she first developed the horse re-schooling program, as well as how it functions day-to-day.

[15:41] Susanna describes what “hill topping” is in fox hunting.

[18:32] With the limited amount of space and huge need, how does Susanna assess which horses are best suited for the program and which ones they have to, unfortunately, turn down?

[24:40] The opportunities the Center provides to its horses and their incredibly successful outcomes.

[31:35] About Elise’s book, A Parent’s Guide to Riding Lessons.

[32:18] Susanna explains the adoption process and how they make that perfect match between a horse and potential adopter.

[39:57] How Susanna and the Center help to ensure the success of the match, post-adoption, through the Thoroughbred Makeover program, the Clean Start program, and the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance.

[46:24] Elise and Susanna speak about the increasing popularity of Thoroughbreds.

[50:08] How Susanna and the Center want to help bring the Thoroughbred “back.”

[51:52] About next week’s episode of Because of Horses.

[53:03] How Susanna joined the Center and what the experience has been like for her.

[59:47] How listeners can learn more about the Center, including visiting and even adopting a horse.

[1:01:03] The Center also provides a wide variety of fantastic programs, resources, and tours!


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Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center Phone #859-246-3080

A Parent’s Guide to Riding Lessons: Everything You Need to Know to Survive and Thrive with a Horse-Loving Kid, by Elise Chand

Thoroughbred Makeover program

Clean Start program

Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance

The Jockey Club
Retired Racehorse Project

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