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Because of Horses

Nov 16, 2018

Elise’s guest today is Julie Goodnight: internationally renowned trainer, clinician, and host of the award-winning RFD-TV show “Horse Master with Julie Goodnight.” As well, Julie’s syndicated columns appear in over 50 publications and her DVDs are among the equestrian world’s top go-to training tools. She is also the spokesperson for Certified Horsemanship Association — the U.S. organization focused on promoting safety and excellence in horsemanship — and has been named Equine Affaire’s Exceptional Equestrian Educator (one of only three such awards ever given).


Julie likes to joke that she’s helping horses one human at a time — but like all good humor, there’s a vein of truth in this observation. And that’s because Julie focuses on the foundation of horsemanship: our relationship with horses, how well we communicate, consistency in our interactions, and the importance of lifelong learning. Julie’s approach to training will truly help nurture your connection with your horse.


Topics of Discussion:

[:19] About Elise’s guest today, Julie Goodnight.

[1:21] What the phrase “natural horsemanship” means to Julie.

[1:53] Julie speaks about her top priority in training — improving the rider’s relationship with their horse.

[4:22] Why horses can’t be trained to not spook, but they can be taught to be more focused through replacement training.

[16:05] Julie speaks about de-sensitizing horses to scary stimuli and how to help build confidence in themselves and trust in you.

[25:06] The snowball effect that positive or negative training can have on a horse.

[29:02] Elise and Julie discuss the unfortunate long-term results of allowing youngsters to behave badly when they’re still small and cute.

[35:40] About Elise’s book, A Parent’s Guide to Riding Lessons.

[36:22] The importance of keeping your horse well-trained, especially when later selling or passing your horse on to a new owner.

[43:17] Julie speaks about some of the “aha” moments training riders.

[49:32] Things that riders consistently do with their horses that can irk trainers.

[54:20] About next week’s episode of Because of Horses.

[55:22] The unfortunate situation of a rider who’s not properly trained or nurturing their relationship with their horse.

[58:41] Where to follow Julie Goodnight online and access her training resources.


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Certified Horsemanship Association

Equine Affaire

Julie Goodnight’s How-To DVDs

A Parent’s Guide to Riding Lessons: Everything You Need to Know to Survive and Thrive with a Horse-Loving Kid, by Elise Chand

United States Pony Club

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