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Because of Horses

Jan 12, 2018

Elise’s guest today on the Because of Horses podcast is Bianca McCarty — an up-and-coming, truly gifted equine photographer. Bianca was born and raised in Germany, but now lives with her husband on a beautiful Lusitano ranch in Colorado. Bianca shoots a wide array of subjects within the equine category — from competitive events and portraiture, to candid shots for veterinarians, saddlers, breeders, and even equine massage therapists. Bianca has a rare gift for composition and perspective, bringing new life to "standard" competition shots. And she has an eye for finding beauty in even the most mundane activities... like rasping a horse’s teeth.


Bianca is a published photographer, with her work appearing in several equine calendars, as well as many respected horse publications such as Horse & Rider, The Chronicle of the Horse, Dressage Today, Equine Journal, The Horse Magazine, and Horse Connection.


Join Elise as Bianca shares how she came to the US alone and, at a young age, began her career; her determination to live her life by "leaning into" things that make her nervous; her photographic process; and her ongoing hopes and dreams.


Topics of Discussion:

[1:09] What brought Bianca to the States and how her interest in photography flourished.

[4:18] Bianca’s sense of adventure that helped lead her to where she is now.

[7:11] Overcoming challenges in college, including her own doubts about speaking English.

[11:44] Bianca’s choice to move to Colorado and how life could have been different.

[13:33] Living her dream life and the courage it took to achieve it.

[19:08] The versatility of Bianca’s equine photography.

[20:50] Bianca’s process of photographing and finding beauty in the mundane.

[27:29] The magic of each of Bianca’s equine shots.

[30:15] How she feels when she sees her work appear in respected print publications.

[32:30] Another field Bianca would like to grow in.

[32:50] Bianca’s love of horses and growing up with horses.

[34:40] How Bianca got involved in dressage.

[35:45] Bianca’s goals for her future and what she hopes to accomplish.

[40:41] How Bianca defines success in her career.

[43:28] Overcoming self-doubt and staying committed to your passion; Bianca’s experience after finishing her photography degree.

[50:00] What separates a good photographer from a great one and the personal characteristics needed to pursue your passion.

[53:23] Bianca’s favorite camera gear and what she uses when shooting.

[55:23] Finding a camera that worked for her; Bianca’s lack of geekiness for new camera equipment.

[1:01:35] Bianca’s parting words and advice to people to follow their passions.

[1:04:30] Where to find Bianca’s work and follow her online.


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Discover More About this Week’s Guest — Bianca McCarty
Facebook: @BiancaMcCartyEquinePhoto

Instagram: @BiancaMcCarty_EquinePhoto


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