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Because of Horses

Apr 27, 2018

Elise’s guest today on the Because of Horses podcast is Laura Romfh — avid athlete, lifelong equestrian, and the visionary fashion designer who created Romfh Equestrian Apparel. Laura was the first designer to create technical equestrian performance sportswear — thinking of riders from an athlete’s mindset — using fabrics and design elements that provide comfort and athletic performance benefits, with lines that are flattering to all different body styles.


Laura has truly put together equestrians’ athleticism, the realities of riding, modern textiles and beautiful designs into her apparel — all while remaining true to the centuries of equestrian tradition. Thanks to Laura and Romfh Equestrian Apparel, riding clothes are not only functional and durable, they’re seriously attractive and comfortable -- designed to move the way an equestrian athlete needs to move. They’re competition-ready and they’re designed from fabrics that breathe.


This episode, Laura and Elise speak about how Laura successfully designs riding attire that is beautiful, comfortable, and showring approved; what led her to start up her own company at the age of 25; what a typical day of balancing both riding and designing looks like; the gratifying experience of receiving feedback from "real" riders; and about her own, unique connections to her horses of a lifetime!


Topics of Discussion:

[:45] About Elise’s guest today, Laura Romfh.

[1:21] How Laura successfully balances the elements most important to riders -- designing riding attire that is beautiful, comfortable, and showring approved.

[3:16] Laura’s riding background and what her solid foundation in riding means to her as she thinks back on her childhood.

[5:44] How Laura’s experience designing apparel for surfers led her to open her own design company for equestrians.

[8:12] What led Laura to take the leap of incorporating breathable fabrics into her designs, ultimately landing her first big break with Dover.

[13:00] What Laura remembers most from the time she pitched to Dover and became an overnight success.

[14:00] When Laura realized she had a success on her hands.

[16:39] Reading listener feedback!

[18:06] What it’s like for Laura to see some of the finest equestrians in the world wear her designs.

[20:32] The process of sponsoring an athlete and how she decides who to work with.

[23:18] A typical day for Laura as a rider and designer, and how she maintains her energy!

[24:40] Laura’s transition from dressage to jumping.

[28:24] Laura’s three horses-of-a-lifetime!

[35:12] Laura’s special experience and connection of raising a horse from its "foal-hood."

[37:25] What strikes Laura as she considers the strong legacy of equestrians and our connection with horses, as a designer of clothing that riders both enjoy and depend on? And what Laura would like her legacy to be.

[41:38] The gratifying experience of receiving positive feedback from riders about her apparel.

[44:00] What does Laura envision for the future of equestrian attire?

[50:07] What to expect on next week’s Because of Horses with guest, Sasscer Hill!

[50:52] What Laura wants to do next, both in her own riding and the exciting news for Romfh Equestrian Apparel!

[53:18] Where to find more about Laura online and follow her online.


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Discover More About this Week’s Guest — Laura Romfh

Website: Romfh Equestrian Apparel

Social Media: Romfh Equestrian Apparel on Facebook, Laura’s Personal Facebook Page, and Romfh Equestrian Apparel on Instagram.


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