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Because of Horses

Apr 6, 2018

Elise’s guests today are Sergeant Michael Hunter, who leads the Dallas Mounted Unit, and Senior Corporal Bobby Favors, who selects and trains both the horses and riders.


It takes a unique horse to successfully join a police department’s mounted unit. From the selection process to the physical and mental components, making it through training, and actually going into service are major accomplishments that few horses can achieve. In the US, the success rate for horses going into police training is 1 in 10 – that’s a 90% drop rate – which is actually worse than a Navy recruit getting through the US Navy SEALs, which is 1 in 4.


Mounted units’ horses fulfill a vital role in any community, not only performing police work, but also providing a very real connection between the public and the officers. Tune in to hear more about the DPD’s Mounted Unit from the perspective of officers in the field, the selection and training processes for both the horses and the officers, and what it’s like to ride the beat every day.


Topics of Discussion:

[1:29] How Sergeant Hunter and Sr. Corporal Favors came to join DPD’s Mounted Unit.

[5:08] Why there’s a waiting list of officers wanting to join the Mounted Unit.

[5:49] What about Mounted Unit work is so unique and appealing.

[6:25] The pros and cons for officers who already have riding experience before joining the unit.

[8:40] Training officers and horses the same, correct way is critical.

[10:03] How horses and officers are assigned to be partners.

[10:52] Reading listener feedback!

[12:37] The experience for officers on horseback vs. in a patrol car.

[16:30] The most important qualities required for officers to join the Mounted Unit.

[22:10] How the equation “one horse equals 10 officers” works.

[24:12] Do officers become protective of their horses?

[25:22] What makes a good police horse? The physical and mental requirements.

[29:05] The success rate of horses going into police training, and Sergeant Hunter’s and Sr. Corporal Favors’ observations in the training and selection process.

[31:26] Making the partnership between horse and officer work well.

[35:20] Where to learn more about the DPD’s Mounted Unit.


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Dallas Police Department’s Mounted Unit


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