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Because of Horses

Aug 2, 2019

Julianne Neal is an award-winning director, producer and educator, committed to creating films which raise awareness of issues facing horses and their owners. She is the director of the critically acclaimed documentary, “A Pony and His Boy,” one of many films that Julianne has directed for the Spotlight Rescue Series, a partnership with the EQUUS Film Festival.

“A Pony and His Boy,” tells the story of Josh, an 8-year-old boy living with Down syndrome, and the transformative effect of his relationship with a 28-year-old pony named Berry. A Winnie Award fan favorite when it debuted at the EQUUS Film Festival in 2018, the film demonstrates the value of the older equine beyond its peak performance years.

Julianne is committed to helping better the lives of both horses and humans through improved relationships and understanding. With her partner Bruce Anderson, Julianne is the co-founder of Nature’s View Natural Humanship, an organization dedicated to improving the mental and physical well-being of horses and humans. They also coordinate The Marley Project, a nonprofit committed to supporting equine educational and public service projects.


Julianne is the coordinator of visual and performing arts for the Fairfield County School District in South Carolina. She is a graduate of the Director’s Program of the Manhattan Film Institute and the founder and owner of JA Media Connections. Julianne is also the host of the EQUUS Film Festival’s annual stop in Camden, South Carolina.


Topics of Discussion:

[:44] Julianne explains “humanship” and how it has guided her work.

[4:00] Julianna discusses how horses now, more than ever, are crucial to our wellbeing and internal health as humans.

[6:35] How getting out and spending time with horses helps us reconnect with life, nature, and ourselves.

[13:15] How Julianna got involved with EQUUS Film Festival and how she keeps her students involved in the filming process.

[18:22] How the film The Edge: Bruce Anderson — Natural Humanship originated.

[29:05] As someone who has participated on multiple levels at the EQUUS Film Festival, what does Julianna think listeners should know about the festival and why it’s so important?

[35:00] Julianna shares her favorite stories experiences in filmmaking.

[40:48] Julianna speaks about another film she is incredibly proud of: A Pony And His Boy.

[46:06] Julianna reflects on her connection with horses and horse people.

[50:05] Elise gives a preview of next week’s episode of Because of Horses!

[51:52] Where to learn more about Julianne and follow her online.


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The Marley Project

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The Edge: Bruce Anderson — Natural Humanship (Film, 2016)

The wild horses of Abaco

A Pony and His Boy: The Story of Berry & Josh (Film, 2019)

Next week’s episode of Because of Horses


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