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Because of Horses

Sep 21, 2018

Elise’s guest today on the Because of Horses podcast is Christy Landwehr, CEO of the Certified Horsemanship Association. The CHA was established to promote safety and education throughout the entire horse industry by certifying instructors, accrediting equine facilities, producing educational conferences, and publishing educational resources through a variety of media — all while building a great community of riders and instructors, and keeping it fun!


Christy has been active in the horse industry for over 30 years and has taught children and adults to ride for more than 25 years. She is not only CHA’s CEO, but she’s also a Master Riding Instructor and Equine Facility Manager. She’s taught students in 4-H and Pony Club. She’s also the Colorado Horse Council Secretary, a past President of the American Youth Horse Council, and an AQHA Professional Horseman. Personally and professionally, Christy epitomizes what the CHA stands for.


In this episode, Christy talks about the history of CHA; outlines the programs, certifications, and educational opportunities available from the CHA; shares details from both the perspective of a rider and of an instructor or a manager of an equine facility; why certifications are so important; and about CHA’s upcoming Annual International Conference in Colorado.


Topics of Discussion:

[:47] About Elise’s guest, Christy Landwehr.

[1:42] How CHA got its start.

[3:33] The importance of CHA’s role in certifying instructors.

[6:07] Christy’s own experience in the horse industry and how she became CHA’s CEO.

[11:28] About next week’s episode on Because of Horses.

[12:59] Does Christy ever find herself having to illustrate why certification is so important? Or do people typically “get it?”

[15:59] What do horse-enthusiasts need to know about certification and what to look for when selecting an instructor or lesson barn?

[19:15] About CHA’s different certifications and processes.

[21:29] Some of the reasons why instructors and equine facilities may seek certification from CHA.

[24:05] CHA: more than just a certification program. Christy talks about some of the other certification programs offered and what she would like listeners to know.

[28:07] About season 2 of Because of Horses!

[30:59] The different levels involved in the equine facility manager and site certification.

[36:47] About CHA’s Annual International Conference.

[40:22] Christy’s observations on the concern that older riders are retiring from riding at a rate that seems higher than the number of young riders getting into riding.

[42:52] Where to learn more about CHA and the upcoming conference.


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