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Because of Horses

Nov 9, 2017

Sometimes, all the elements we could need just come together, enabling us to follow the most wonderful of dreams. But having an incredible foundation was just the beginning... years of hard work, long hours, and seven-day weeks were needed before the dream became real for Thoroughbred racing's Anna Seitz.


Anna grew up in the heart of Kentucky's Bluegrass region on her family's Brookdale Farm, learning from a very early age from some of the most knowledgeable breeders and trainers in Thoroughbred racing. Her family has been selling horses for over 40 years — not only as an agent for outside clients, but also owning and breeding their own racehorses (including over 300 stakes winners and many multi-million dollar horses sold). In every way, it would seem like working in racing was a foregone conclusion, but it wasn't until she was a junior in college that Anna seriously considered making it her career.


After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, Anna worked on the racetrack handling horses and assisting with the business side of racing for leading trainer Todd Pletcher, before joining the legendary auction house, Fasig-Tipton, where she’s worked now for over six years. Founded in 1898, Fasig-Tipton is actually the oldest auction company in North America, with some of Thoroughbred racing's most noteworthy horses having passed through their halls, including Man o’ War, Raise a Native, Hoist the Flag, Danzig, Go For Gin, Funny Cide, Seattle Slew, Genuine Risk, Big Brown… the names go on and on.


Anna has also established several racing syndicates, including one for women called, "It’s All About the Girls," with members based in several different countries. And, with the addition of her new organization — Thoroughbred Women’s Network — Anna is helping to ensure that women interested in working in the industry have a fantastic opportunity to do so through networking and support.


All this and more, in this week’s episode of, Because of Horses.


Topic of Discussion:

[2:44] How and why Anna Seitz decided to make horse racing her career

[4:14] Anna’s extensive knowledge on raising, owning, breeding, selling, and training horses

[6:14] Reality in the racing world: behind the glamour of horse racing on TV

[8:06] The feeling of watching a horse run

[8:49] Breeding Thoroughbred racehorses and what goes into making a winning racehorse

[11:33] Why Anna strictly buys fillies

[16:25] The role intuition plays in training a racehorse and understanding each horse as an individual

[18:56] Training fillies and the relationship of trust between the trainer and horse

[19:42] How Anna has found syndicates much more accessible for the average person to get involved and how she interacts with people who are interested in getting into a syndicate

[23:23] About Fasig-Tipton

[24:05] What it is like working for Fasig-Tipton

[25:25] Why Anna thinks horse racing can elicit such an emotional response

[27:38] How people choose which horse to root for in a race

[29:19] The story of Anna and her husband’s first horse that they bought: the filly I’m Already Sexy

[35:19] The Jockey Club’s rules in naming Thoroughbred racehorses

[36:23] The expenses of training a Thoroughbred racehorse

[38:06] No guarantees when it comes to breeding and training a horse

[38:46] The emotions you feel when your horse wins

[39:23] Phenomenal trainer: Todd Pletcher and Rags to Riches, the first filly since the 1900s to win the Belmont Stakes

[41:24] What it was like working for Todd Pletcher

[45:05] A typical day for Anna at Fasig-Tipton

[48:38] Giving back and sharing her knowledge with others; connecting with the next generation

[50:34] About Anna’s non-profit organization, the Thoroughbred Women’s Network

[53:41] Final thoughts from Anna

[55:08] Where to follow Anna online


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Facebook: It’s All About the Girls Racing Syndicate

Twitter: @AnnaSeitzFT



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