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Because of Horses

Feb 2, 2018

If you're a fan of international-level show jumping, chances are you already know today's guest, Catie Staszak. Throughout the show season, Catie leads broadcasts from top horse shows and jumping events across North America, working for FEI TV, the NBC Sports Network, Carr-Hughes Productions, and the digital company ShowNet, among others. She also serves as the media and public relations manager for EQUILINE America, and has worked on the TV and radio teams at ESPN West Palm. Though Catie’s specialty is covering horse-related sports, she’s also covered NFL football and collegiate women’s rowing.


On those few occasions Catie isn't hard at work broadcasting from a sporting event, she's competing in adult equitation divisions, herself. In 2017, she won the Palm Beach Adult Medal during Week Four at Wellington on her leased horse, Agnes Augusta. And she "only" graduated from the University of Miami (Valedictorian, natch) four years ago. 


From a young age, Catie knew what she wanted to do – broadcast journalism. And covering sports was a no-brainer, growing up as she did in a sports-infused home with her Mom and Dad, with whom she is very close. And if the last name sounds familiar, it's because her dad is Ray Staszak, the legendary Detroits Red Wings hockey player. 


In today's episode, Elise and Catie discuss Catie’s focus on melding her passion for horses and for broadcast journalism, the real behind-the-scenes life of a sports reporter, her humorous moments with legendary athletes, and Catie's advice for pursuing your dreams.


Topics of Discussion:

[1:37] The common element that is shared by all of the sports Catie covers.

[1:48]  Catie’s sports background growing up.

[3:19] The common bond that unites competitors and athletes.

[6:00] About Catie’s experience and accomplishments as a competitive rider, and how she made the switch to a reporter and commentator.

[9:50] How Catie balances work with her show schedule.

[16:39] As the daughter of non-equestrian parents, how their support has affected her.

[20:35] Catie’s fond memories of Snow Day, her first pony.

[22:33] Does Catie ever have "fan-girl" moments when interviewing legendary athletes?

[23:40] Interviews and stories that stick out in Catie’s memories.

[26:02] Putting into perspective the level of equestrian competition Catie reports on.

[30:22] Sporting events Catie would love to cover in the future.

[31:11] Catie’s "triple threat":  writing for magazines, appearing on TV, and on-air radio reporting.

[33:00] How Catie puts bad days behind her and how to focus on the positive.

[34:54] How Catie defines success.

[35:36] Elise shares some listener feedback!

[37:29] The truth behind achieving your dreams and pursuing your passions.

[43:30] Characteristics that are vital to pursuing a life that incorporates your passion.

[45:05] Advice to others pursuing a dream similar to Catie’s.

[46:22] Where to follow Catie online and watch her reporting.


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