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Because of Horses

Oct 11, 2019

This week Elise is bringing you an especially fun episode because it’s all about you — the listeners! This episode will be featuring the four guests that listeners have chosen as their favorites from the 103 episodes that have aired in Seasons 1 and 2 thus far! Elise will be sharing the best excerpts from these incredible episodes as she counts down the top favorite guests, including Stacy Westfall, Through Rider Gillian Larson, Guy McLean, and King Ranch's James Clement.



Topics of Discussion:

[:25] About today’s special episode!

[:48] Listeners' choice guest #4 is Guy McLean!

[1:44] In this first clip, Guy speaks about his journey going from a shy little boy who found his place in the world with horses to now performing at some of the world’s most legendary venues.

[5:28] We often talk about what we want from horses, but what does Guy think horses want from us?

[9:07] Guy McLean recites his remarkable poem, “This is War,” and explains the story behind it.

[14:06] What does Guy wish people knew about ‘so-called’ difficult horses?

[21:48] Listeners' choice guest #3 is the renowned trainer, clinician, and competitor, Stacy Westfall!

[23:45] Stacy speaks about how she turned a major competition mistake around (that got her disqualified) and whether there’s a pattern for conscious decision making and willful positivism that can turn even the most disappointing moments into positive outcomes.

[27:50] Stacy speaks about positive intent, ethics, and how our connection with horses reinforces them.

[30:00] Did Stacy have any idea of the impact that her viral ride would have on her audience and viewers online?

[33:55] Stacy reflects on her experience during this viral ride.

[38:07] Guest #2 on the listeners’ choice list is James Clement III from the iconic King Ranch!

[39:26] James Clement shares the story of the legendary stallion, Old Sorrel, and why he’s so important to today’s Quarter Horses. James also shares how the King Ranch came to be founded.

[44:02] James tells the story of Captain King and explains how his life truly optimizes the American dream.

[48:11] James continues the story of Captain King and speaks about how he is following in his predecessor's footsteps.

[51:43] About the amazing heritage that many of the coworkers at King Ranch share.

[53:11] The guest that listeners voted #1 out of 103 episodes: Through Rider Gillian Larson.

[53:53] Gillian speaks about her daily routine in caring for her horses on the trail, and how she manages to keep them healthy and sound as they travel thousands of miles together.

[1:04:19] Has Gillian had any wildlife encounters during her travels with her horses? Any Stephen King moments?

[1:17:00] Elise wraps up this week’s special listeners' choice episode!


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