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Because of Horses

Nov 17, 2017

When people talk about following their dreams, it’s generally in the singular — that one thing that makes their heart sing as a performer, an athlete, or a writer — and it’s usually a solo endeavor. Because of Horses’ guests today, Kiki and Don Teague, have multiple dreams — as if their imaginations are their only limit. And, they’re going on this adventure together, as husband and wife.


Kiki and Don have each realized incredible accomplishments. Don is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and author, a former CBS Evening News and NBC News correspondent, and has won an Emmy, a Peabody, and an Edward R. Murrow Award for reporting from New Orleans in the  Katrina aftermath. In the course of his career, he’s also received several national Emmy nominations, three Edward R. Murrow Awards, two National Headliner Awards, two regional Emmys, 17 regional Emmy nominations, and several Associated Press Broadcaster Awards.


Kiki is an actress and producer, known for Song of Songs, Parent Stuff, and Redemption. As the horse person in the couple, she has owned, trained, and competed; she's volunteered on a Sheriff’s Horse Search-and-Rescue Team; helped manage a horse rescue organization; and has even owned and operated a tack shop. 


These days, Don and Kiki own and operate Night Bird Ranch, a 70-acre spread in Round Top, Texas, that they describe as, “Not your Grandmother’s Bed-and-Breakfast.” They also own and operate Teague’s Tavern:  a place to “gather and celebrate what makes life worth living — great food and great company.”


Usually, following one’s dream is something of a solo process — yet, Kiki and Don have managed to accomplish it together, all while raising their daughters, Rachael and Madison. In this episode of Because of Horses, Kiki and Don share their insight on how they manage to juggle it all, keep family harmony, build and maintain their successful businesses, and continue to pursue their passions and evolving dreams.


Topic of Discussion:

[:45] Elise introduces the guests for this episode, Kiki and Don Teague.

[2:44] How Kiki and Don manage to juggle pursuing their dreams while keeping their family harmonious.

[6:47] Kiki’s and Don’s remarkably strong partnership that has allowed them to support each other’s needs while still being true to themselves as individuals.

[12:55] Kiki and Don Teague’s story of how they met.

[14:27] How Kiki came up with the name for their business, Night Bird Ranch.

[17:55] The family's deep roots and Night Bird Ranch's hospitality.

[19:12] Don’s first experience with riding horses and the story of adopting his favorite ranch horse, Cowboy.

[27:22] Taking on the role of a horse husband and how the couple makes it work.

[32:26] Kiki’s daughters’ journeys and involvement with horses.

[42:28] Kiki’s and Don’s horses of a lifetime — the close-to-their-heart horses that have been especially impactful to their family.

[48:26] The decisions along the way that have helped lead Kiki and Don to follow their dreams and passions.

[53:23] The origins of Kiki and Don’s courage to craft their own paths.

[58:08] Avoiding regret, pursuing your passions, and taking chances. And, some of Don and Kiki’s small regrets.

[1:05:10] About Don’s book, Saved by Her Enemy.

[1:05:44] The genesis of Teague’s Tavern.

[1:08:23] The music component of Teague’s Tavern and Don’s passion for karaoke.

[1:09:37] The support Don and Kiki provided during Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath.

[1:11:11] Wrapping up the podcast, Don and Kiki leave Elise with some final thoughts.

[1:12:11] How to get in contact with Don and Kiki and where to find them online.


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Saved by Her Enemy: An Iraqi woman's journey from the heart of war to the heartland of America, by Don Teague and Rafraf Barrak


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