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Because of Horses

Dec 28, 2018

Nancy Brown likes to joke around that she “sleeps around a lot… but in a good way!” Combining her love of horses with her passion for travel and writing, Nancy shares her adventures through her blog, website, and various publications.


Believing that travel is better on the back of a horse, Nancy has ridden in Canada, the Caribbean, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Switzerland, Portugal, all over the US, and in countless  other beautiful locations.


In today’s episode, Nancy recounts some of her favorite travel experiences on horseback, gives great advice and tips on traveling alone, and how to manage a lengthy horse ride at any age. She also talks about her top riding locations, her travel Bucket List, and her “must see” horse-related attractions around the world.


Topics of Discussion:

[:19] About Elise’s guest today, Nancy Brown.

[1:05] After having two hip replacements by the age of 55 and her doctor’s orders of “No more riding,” how long did it take Nancy before she was back in the saddle?

[3:23] Nancy’s experience seeing marvelous sights from the saddle.

[4:58] Nancy talks about horses in different cultures and countries.

[8:02] What Nancy looks for when selects a destination to ride.

[9:21] Nancy talks about her recent four-day ride in Utah.

[11:09] How Nancy manages long rides.

[14:12] Qualities Nancy looks for in lodging, rides, centers, and points of interest.

[16:08] Nancy’s favorite riding locations.

[18:13] Are there any places Nancy won’t visit?

[20:00] Nancy’s experiences traveling alone and her advice for lone travelers (especially women).

[21:11] Nancy’s favorite horse-related attractions.

[23:01] About Elise’s book, A Parent’s Guide to Riding Lessons.

[23:43] The locations at the top of Nancy’s Bucket List.

[27:10] Nancy tells the story of an early travel experience in high school.

[29:11] Elise’s guest on next week’s Because of Horses.

[30:08] The adventures Nancy has planned for 2019.

[33:38] Where to learn more about Nancy’s travels and follow her online.


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Mentioned in this Episode:

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Chicago Tribune

Alaska Beyond Magazine

Shape Magazine

Unbranded, the film

Ruby’s Grand Adventure

Echo Valley Ranch (in BC, Canada)

Red Reflet Ranch (in Wyoming)

Hill Country Equestrian Lodge (in Bandera, Texas)

Gleneagles (in Scotland)

Vienna Imperial Carriage Museum

Irish National Stud

A Parent’s Guide to Riding Lessons: Everything You Need to Know to Survive and Thrive with a Horse-Loving Kid, by Elise Chand

United States Pony Club

Arizona Cowboy College


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