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Because of Horses

Jan 26, 2018

Renowned trainer and clinician, Brandi Lyons, joins Elise Chand on today's episode to discuss her "No Limits" training and the life lessons she's learned along the way – some heart-lifting, some heart-breaking, but all are incredibly inspiring.


Brandi is known not only for her expertise, but also for her incredible poise, patience, and kindness. And yes — she is also the daughter of “The World's Most Trusted Horseman,” John Lyons. But she doesn’t just carry on with one of the most trusted names in the horse industry, she elevates to the next level the work her father began. Brandi's perspective on the horse/human bond is not only fresh and eye-opening, but is based on a wealth of knowledge and a lifetime of experience.


In this episode of Because of Horses, Elise and Brandi talk about her approach to training horses, the horse/human bond, what Brandi believes the future of training horses will bring, and how her own life experiences enhanced the way Brandi works with horses and riders.


Topics of Discussion:

[1:03] How growing up around horses and observing her father's, John Lyons, training methods affected Brandi's life and career choice.

[5:11] All about Brandi’s “no limits” approach to training.

[14:20] Brandi’s important technique for training horses for success.

[21:40] Brandi's thoughts on how training horses is evolving and what she anticipates for the future.

[25:11] When facing the horse's fears is counter-productive and how to eliminate them through Brandi’s technique of elimination, repetition, and cues.

[30:48] Adjusting to the horse’s needs and feelings, ending on a high point, and the importance of sometimes leaving the training agenda behind.

[35:55] Where Brandi’s incredible poise, patience, and kindness come from.

[40:38] How Brandi feels when a horse and rider achieve that "a-ha" moment.

[41:31] Brandi describes the line between encouraging your horse and forcing your horse.

[45:09] How can you tell when a horse is enjoying a session and when he’s had enough?

[48:29] What success means to Brandi.

[49:52] About the recent loss of her beloved horse and persevering.

[53:50] Where to follow Brandi online.


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