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Because of Horses

Jun 7, 2019

Today’s guest is Olympic gold medalist, Peter Wylde, who is indisputably among the world’s most talented and successful competitive equestrians.


At the age of 17, Peter earned the United States’ highest junior honor when he won the Rolex-Maclay National Equitation Championship at the National Horse Show in Madison Square Garden. From this stellar early achievement, Peter went on to win some of the most prestigious titles in the world of show jumping — including the President’s Cup at the Washington International Horse Show, the $100K Rolex USET Show Jumping Championship, and he won the Hampton Classic three times. Peter has also won both the team and individual silver medals at the World Cup and the Pan American Games, and was named the U.S. Olympic Committees’ Male Equestrian of the Year. In 2002, Peter represented the U.S. at the World Equestrian Games (WEG), winning an individual bronze medal — while his horse, Fein Cera, earned the coveted Best Horse honor. And, in 2004, the pair won Team Gold at the Olympics in Athens.


In addition to countless Leading Rider Awards from some of the world’s top horse shows, Peter is the Head Clinician and Vice President of The United States Hunter Jumper Association’s Emerging Athletes Program (EAP), which seeks to identify and cultivate aspiring young equestrian talent. 


But out of all of Peter’s incredible accomplishments, he sees being a consummate caretaker of horses as his finest accolade. This essential priority is his foundational life principle and it has guided him from his first rides on a pony as a youngster at home in Medfield, Massachusetts, to the upper echelon of show-jumping success.



Topics of Discussion:

[:26] About today’s episode.

[2:13] Why coaching young riders is important to him and his observations on the qualities needed to have a career in competitive riding.

[8:18] Peter shares some of his favorite experiences from working with students in the Emerging Athletes Program, as well as why he thinks the EAP serves a very important purpose.

[15:45] What does it mean for Peter to have such a profound influence and impact on the EAP riders?

[19:45] How Peter focused on achieving his own personal best, rather than focusing on his competition as a measurement for success.

[24:27] Pivotal moments in Peter’s career and how they influenced his life.

[27:40] Peter’s experience at the WEG and how he mentally prepares before he enters the ring, ready to compete against the world’s most talented riders and horses.

[33:25] How Peter helps coach students to build mental fortitude and prepare them for the stress of competition.

[38:43] To be truly successful, the horse and rider must become as close to “one” as possible. But how does that happen? And what is it like when you achieve this connection?

[42:00] Why riding is more than just technical skill.

[46:34] Peter’s perspective on equestrians aging out of riding and his thoughts on the future of the sport.

[53:29] About next week’s episode of Because of Horses.

[55:30] Where to learn more about Peter, his upcoming clinics, his training, and the EAP.


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