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Because of Horses

Mar 8, 2019

Elise’s guests this week are all from Wyoming’s Red Reflet Ranch — co-owner, Bob Kaplan; and Horse Operations Team, Clay and Tammy Trollinger. 


Red Reflet Ranch is both a working cattle ranch as well as an all-inclusive luxury resort that expands across 27,000 privately-owned acres nestled under the shadow of the Big Horn Mountains. The ranch is renowned for its five-star amenities, fine dining, and diverse outdoor activities (that, of course, include horseback riding). 


Owned by Bob and Laurence Kaplan (who are both pilots, world travelers, and philanthropists),  the Red Reflet Ranch operates year ’round with something to offer everyone — no matter how diverse your interests or how discriminating your tastes. 


In this week’s episode, Elise talks with Bob, Clay, and Tammy to get an inside look into the luxury ranch. They talk about the many activities offered there, the wonderful amenities, accommodations, experiences, and more. They also discuss the ranch’s evolution, history, and what they hope each guest takes away from their experience at the ranch. 


Topics of Discussion: 

[:18] About today’s guests. 

[1:04] What inspired Bob and Laurence to operate the ranch as a luxury resort, on top of it already being a 24/7 working cattle ranch. 

[3:16] About Bob’s big city roots in Chicago. 

[4:30] Bob talks about the ranching community of Ten Sleep, Wyoming, how it is a true example of the western lifestyle, as well as an area full of history — including how it got its name. 

[7:13] Activities guests can choose from activity-wise at the Red Reflet Ranch. 

[10:37] About the Red Reflet’s landing strip for private aircraft and the options that exist for pilots. 

[12:03] Tammy and Clay describe the wide range of activities for the horse-lovers. 

[13:16] How Tammy and Clay balance an individual’s belief in their own horse-riding abilities with the reality of pairing them with the best horse. 

[16:41] About their accommodations for horse-riders at any level. 

[19:24] For someone interested in a full-on cowboy experience, what time of the year would be the best to visit? And what could that person look forward to? 

[21:35] What sets the ranch apart from other luxury destinations. 

[24:13] Rare animal sightings on the ranch! 

[25:35] Bob talks about Red Reflet’s amazing cuisine and wine list. 

[28:06] About Elise’s book, A Parent’s Guide to Riding Lessons. 

[29:28] Breakfast at the Red Reflet. 

[31:26] What is Roadkill Cantina and how did it get its name? 

[33:57] What Bob, Tammy, and Clay want each guest to experience while they’re at the ranch. 

[35:59] What stands out to Bob, Tammy, and Clay in terms of the ranch’s evolution, and what they see for the future of the ranch. 

[39:15] How Bob, Clay, and Tammy get away or go on vacation. 

[31:43] About next week’s episode of Because of Horses. 

[32:13] Some of the furthest locations guests have come from to visit or stay at the ranch. 

[45:38] Where to learn more about Red Reflet Ranch. 


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A Parent’s Guide to Riding Lessons: Everything You Need to Know to Survive and Thrive with a Horse-Loving Kid, by Elise Gaston Chand 

United States Pony Club 

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“An unusual thing about the ranch is that we try to do all these activities on the guest’s schedule — they don’t have to arrive at a certain time … or do anything but show up for lunch … and dinner.” — Bob Kaplan 


“Every night is festive with a lot of conversation and a lot of visiting.” — Bob Kaplan 


“The experience that I want guests to have [at the ranch is] … unique, special, and in some way motivational for them — and I’m amazed at how often that is the case.” — Bob Kaplan 


“We want it to be a good experience for the guests in every way.” — Clay Trollinger 


“Tammy and I would like every [guest] to go home and want to own a horse.” — Clay Trollinger 


“Every guest that comes [to the ranch gets a] vacation that is really unique. We don’t have a set schedule so it keeps our jobs fresh too… but whatever you want we try to make it happen, [and] I think that’s one of the most unique parts of the ranch.” — Tammy Trollinger