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Because of Horses

May 31, 2019

This week’s guest is Yulia Frolova, a self-proclaimed – and literal – globe trotter. Yulia is the blogger behind the popular EquiGeo, a travel blog documenting her goal to ride a horse in every country around the globe. Her count so far? 45… and counting! And with 197 recognized countries (or independent states), Yulia has already made a great dent in her goal! Whether it’s in the desert, the deepest snow, or on her way to an audience with the Pope, Yulia is most in her element when she’s traveling the world… and seeing it from the back of a horse.


Most equestrians would see a job that requires international travel (as much as 25 times a year!) as a challenge to riding, but she has turned it into a fun adventure and a wildly popular blog. In this episode, Yulia speaks about how she set this goal for herself; how she balances riding, blogging, family, and work; some of her favorite memories from riding and trying different disciplines in their countries of origin; as well as some of the challenges she has faced while traveling. Yulia also recounts many of the fun memories from her travels, the people and horses she has met along the way, and the remarkable stories that have come from it all. You won’t want to miss this week’s episode of Because of Horses with Yulia Frolova, the globe trotter!


Topics of Discussion:

[:18] About today’s episode.

[1:07] How did Yulia set the goal of riding in every country around the globe?

[2:30] What is Yulia’s job? And how does she balance it with riding, blogging, and family?

[3:54] What led Yulia to blogging and sharing her journey?

[6:26] Yulia reminisces about some of her favorite – and most unusual – adventures.

[10:40] Why Yulia began focusing on her riding after moving to Dubai.

[12:32] Yulia speaks about a special connection she had with a stallion named Romeo.

[14:04] The fun of trying disciplines in their countries of origin.

[18:31] Some of Yulia's favorite experiences.

[22:11] When Yulia is setting up her itinerary, how does she find places to ride... especially in countries like Iraq and – surprisingly – Germany?

[24:05] Is there anything that would keep Yulia from riding?

[25:16] Are there any similarities or universal characteristics in the horse people Yulia has met?

[29:29] What are some of the challenges Yulia has faced when traveling?

[33:07] Yulia speaks about one of the most difficult countries to find a place to ride: Germany.

[34:34] How many languages does Yulia speak? And how does she navigate countries considering the language barriers?

[36:05] Do horse people have a connection that transcends language?

[37:51] Elise shares a remarkable story from her travels.

[40:10] One of Yulia’s most memorable moments – in war-torn Iraq.

[43:21] What is it like for Yulia to share her adventures with her favorite travel companion, her husband (who happens to not be a horse person)? And what does he think of her goal to ride in every country?

[45:22] What is like for Yulia to share her love of horses with her young daughter? Does her daughter share her same passion?

[47:44] About next week’s episode of Because of Horses.

[48:46] Yulia’s principles for traveling internationally on horseback.

[51:57] Yulia’s favorite riding gear that she will not leave home without!

[52:28] Where is Yulia headed next? And what other places are high up on her list?

[55:27] Yulia gives advice for travelers interested in riding away from home.

[57:37] Where to find Yulia online to follow her adventures!


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