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Because of Horses

Aug 24, 2018

Where do horses go when they’re no longer wanted? And what resources exist to help owners when they can no longer keep their horses or they need to be retired?


Rather than think of these horses collectively as “unwanted,” The Right Horse Initiative views them as being in transition and simply needing a new purpose. And that’s where this wonderful collection of horse industry leaders, organizations, and veterinarians step in.


Elise’s guest today is Christie Schulte Kappert, Program Officer for The Right Horse Initiative. The initiative’s goal is to massively increase the number of successful horse adoptions in the US by reframing the adoption conversation and shattering the stigma surrounding horses in transition. As well, the initiative is focused on providing more resources to horse owners within their own communities to help with health issues, re-homing, training, and even end-of-life assistance.


In this Because of Horses episode, Elise and Christie talk about what has historically happened to horses in these kinds of situations, how The Right Horse Initiative is assisting equine adoption, and what they've learned from watching pet adoption practices evolve. Christie also explains how The Right Horse Initiative got started, what it means to her to be part such a fantastic organization, how and who the initiative is partnering with to help further their goal, and where she sees the future of the initiative heading.


Topics of Discussion:

[:45] About Elise’s guest today, Christie Schulte Kappert.

[2:14] Christie explains what the organization means by “horses in transition,” as well as what the historical outcome has been for horses in this situation.

[5:50] Christie explains what isn’t working very well in equine adoption currently and how can we recraft the conversation around adopting horses.

[12:42] How did The Right Horse Initiative get started?

[16:21] What it means to Christie to be a part of this initiative.

[19:44] How their initiative is going so far in partnering with regional and national organizations to re-train and move horses into placement opportunities.

[26:49] Christie speaks about the status of programs that help to re-train horses in transition and help owners find their “perfect” horse.

[30:10] The types of resources the initiative has in place to help horse owners in need.

[41:24] Christie talks about one of their partners:  Time to Ride.

[45:00] Elise gives a preview of next week’s episode of Because of Horses.

[45:40] Christie talks about the importance of The Right Horse Initiative’s collaboration within the horse industry and the programs that help with this unification. She also shares some success stories from working hand-in-hand with the horse industry.

[52:05] What Christie sees as the future for horses in transition.

[54:32] How listeners can learn more about the initiative and/or adopt a horse.


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