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Because of Horses

Feb 15, 2019

Tamara Gooch’s love for photography is equaled only by her love of horses, and her passion for each subject is revealed in the artistry, rich color and unique focus of every image she shoots. After fifteen years as a professional photographer, Tamara still gets excited every time she picks up her camera. 
Tamara’s catalog of work is filled with museum quality pieces which will be treasured by their owners for generations to come. She believes that photography is about seizing moments of life, and her work is the fusion of emotions, passion for the horse and the world around her. Tamara is on a quest to bring back the printed image so that families can relive the memories and love captured in a photograph for years to come. 
Tamara travels the world to do custom photo shoots, creating professional images to promote stallions, breeding and sales programs. In addition, she offers photography workshops ranging from one-day intensives to two week-long European adventures. Tamara welcomes photographers of any skill level to her sessions, so long as they are willing to learn about capturing the soul and essence of the horse—their spirit, power and beauty. Workshops teach students about the rules of perspective and composition, but also how those rules can be broken to create fabulous shots. 
Based in the Boise, Idaho area, Tamara’s work often features western inspired themes and wild horses. In 2012, Tamara was one of the first artists featured in the Desert Caballeros Museum’s “Cowgirls with a Camera” exhibit. She was recognized by Ranch and Reata magazine as one of the top five photographers they have ever published and has been named one of the world’s Top 3 Equine Photographers. 



Topics of Discussion: 

[:18] About Elise’s guest today, Tamara Gooch. 

[:46] Tamara talks about combining her passion for photography and horses to create her dream career. 

[2:33] What it means to Tamara when she hears how others have been moved by her photography. 

[4:55] What Tamara feels her photos reveal about herself. 

[7:55] Was there a pivotal moment when Tamara recognized the important role that horses play in her life? 

[11:04] Tamara’s special horses and their deep connection. 

[16:00] What Tamara finds so alluring about old western towns and western heritage, and why shooting them carries deep meaning for her. 

[18:41] What Tamara wants to capture in her photography. 

[20:45] About being authentic in her work and the images she creates. 

[23:03] Tamara’s thoughts on how horses and wildlife teach us about honesty and authenticity. 

[25:54] How Tamara’s voice as a photographer informs what and how she shoots. 

[28:02] Tamara’s process for designing her photography travel workshops and what the participants experience and learn. 

[32:17] Tamara shares some fun stories from workshops over the years. 

[40:04] How Tamara internalizes and experiences the different environments she shoots in, from palatial European villas to remote desert locations. 

[42:38] About Elise’s fantastic book, A Parent’s Guide to Riding Lessons. 

[45:17] The importance of understanding animal behavior in wildlife photography. 

[47:14] Tamara offers advice to those interested in building a career based on their own passions. 

[50:37] About next week’s episode of Because of Horses. 

[52:02] Tamara and Elise discuss the impact of taking online images and copyright infringement. 

[56:16] Tamara’s favorite cameras and lenses to use while shooting. 

[58:00] Where to find Tamara and her work online. 


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