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Because of Horses

May 25, 2018

Elise’s guest today on Because of Horses is David Foley, the Executive Director of the American Association of Equine Practitioners. Founded in 1954 by visionaries who saw an opportunity to positively direct the focus of equine veterinary medicine, the AAEP today represents a broad range of equine disciplines, breeds, and associations, with membership consisting of over 9,300 veterinarians and veterinary students in 61 countries.


In addition to his work at the AAEP, David is very active within the equine, veterinary, and association communities. Some of the organizations he’s supported include the American Horse Council, the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, PATH International, the Racetrack Chaplaincy of America, the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance’s advisory board, and both the American and the Kentucky Societies of Veterinary Medical Association Executives.


In short, David has focused a significant portion of his career improving the life and well-being of horses and of their human caretakers through his work and his extraordinary volunteerism — providing a remarkable example of how we, too, might help make a difference in the equine community.


Join Elise and David this episode as they talk all about his career with the AAEP, the other organizations he has been involved with, and his incredible experiences over the duration of his career.


Topics of Discussion:

[:46] About today’s guest, David Foley.

[1:11] What drew David to the AAEP and what’s kept him there for nearly 30 years?

[3:02] The beauty of working at the Kentucky Horse Park.

[5:39] Some of the organizations David has worked with, in addition to the AAEP.

[6:32] Where did David’s deep interest in horses originate?

[7:55] What the AAEP does and the benefits it offers its members.

[10:05] Reading listener feedback!

[11:19] The countries represented by AAEP members.

[11:52] How AAEP is well-known among its member for its scholarships.

[12:43] What do veterinarians wish horse owners knew and how would it help them to be even better partners?

[14:21] How does David distinguish between a good vet and a great vet?

[16:02] How can horse owners help to make their veterinarian’s job easier and safer?

[17:54] What happens when a vet becomes ill or injured?

[21:17] The importance of the veterinarian farrier relationship and how AAEP fosters it.

[22:25] About some of the partnerships AAEP is involved with and the approach they’ve taken in working with other organizations.

[26:13] What success looks like to David personally, as well as from AAEP's standpoint.

[30:17] The emotional tolls on veterinarians and about the inspiring camaraderie Elise has witnessed between them.

[37:56] Preview of next week’s Because of Horses episode with Kentucky Equine Management Internship's coordinator, Leslie Janecka.

[39:05] How David has selected the organizations he has been involved with and has supported over the years.

[42:39] Final thoughts from David.

[43:57] Where to learn more about David and AAEP.


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