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Because of Horses

Mar 9, 2018

During the week between Christmas and New Years, Elise had the opportunity to stay a week at the Hill Country Equestrian Lodge, just outside Bandera, Texas. While there, she met Dianne Lindig Lovett — a talented equestrian in riding, training, and competing; and the lodge's co-owner. Taken by her story, wonderful hospitality, and love for horses, Elise asked Dianne on the spot to be a guest on Because of Horses — and very happily, she agreed!


This episode, join Elise and Dianne as they talk about how she and her husband met, married, and returned to her beloved hometown, Bandera — the Cowboy Capital of the World — to find this beautiful spot in the Texas Hill Country. Their story is heartwarming and delightful and full of fascinating insight into history, culture, and human nature.


Topics of Discussion:

[1:30] Dianne’s earliest memory of her love for horses.

[4:20] How Dianne maintains her love for horses while running the lodge 24/7.

[7:35] What it’s like for Dianne to see someone experience her lodge and horses for the first time.

[9:15] About the unique horses at Dianne’s lodge.

[18:29] How Dianne and her husband met in Dallas, Texas; moving back to her hometown in Bandera and opening their lodge together.

[24:47] Peter’s (Dianne’s husband) experience and willingness to go along with a horse-based business.

[25:55] How Peter and Dianne took the leap of opening their lodge.

[29:33] Reading and answering listener feedback!

[32:03] About Elise’s experience at the lodge and its tranquility (no wifi, TVs, or cell service).

[41:10] Dianne’s insights into the 55-acre natural area adjacent to the lodge.

[48:16] Some of the other natural features of the Hill Country Equestrian Lodge.

[51:50] More of Elise’s experiences at the lodge and some of her and Dianne’s favorite aspects that set it apart from other ranch vacation venues.

[1:02:08] How Dianne keeps her horses healthy, happy, and engaged on the ranch with guests coming and going.

[1:07:05] Where to find out more about Dianne and her lodge online.


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