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Because of Horses

Aug 16, 2019

Kimberly Van Kampen is a top supporter of U.S. dressage and one of the most respected breeders of Pure Spanish Horses in the world. Kim has dedicated her career to promoting the growth and development of U.S. dressage through her leadership and sponsorship of various programs, riders and horses. She is a top supporter of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival but is equally committed to helping young riders at the grassroots of the sport.

Kim is the founder and owner of Hampton Green Farms, with locations in Fruitport, Michigan, and Wellington, Florida. She developed a top-quality program focused on breeding, training and selling some of the best Pure Spanish Horses (P.R.E.) in the world. She is the owner of the stallion Grandioso III, who represented Spain at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games and the 2014 World Equestrian Games.

Kim is committed to making dressage more accessible to young riders from diverse backgrounds. Hampton Green Farm in Michigan hosts the Dressage 4 Kids Youth Dressage Festival Midwest each summer, and their Wellington facility is the base for the organization’s Winter Intensive Training Program. In addition, Kim has sponsored several alumni of the Dressage 4 Kids program, providing mounts and training and competitive experiences.

Kim has helped to support additional youth educational opportunities through her organization, Discover Dressage. In 2017, Discover Dressage committed to donate $1 million over four years to American junior, young rider and under-25 projects. Discover Dressage was named the title sponsor for the U.S. Dressage Emerging Athletes Program, which provides strategic guidance and educational opportunities for selected athletes under the age of 25.

Discover Dressage also presents American Equestrians Got Talent, the Robert Dover-hosted fundraiser for the development of youth programs that have a goal of sending squads of junior, young and under-25 riders to compete in Europe, similar to Grand Prix and small tour teams.

Kim is a passionate promoter of the P.R.E. and is the founder and Board President of the U.S. P.R.E. Association. Her active promotion of the P.R.E. has helped increase the breed’s popularity within competitive dressage, from local shows to the international arena.


Topics of Discussion:

[:25] About today’s episode with Kimberly Van Kampen.

[1:25] Kim tells the story of what happened after she met Lendon Gray in 2008 and asked Courtney King Dye to ride her stallion, Grandioso III.

[3:28] Why are the elements of responsibility, compassion, and sportsmanship so important to Kim? And why are they so critical to the horse world?

[8:42] Kim speaks about the character children gain through involvement in the horse world and its importance to her as both a mother and an equestrian.

[13:38] How does the Emerging Athletes Program (EAP) help prepare young riders? And what outcomes has Kim seen?

[21:37] In 1999, Kim attended SICAB, the International PRE Horse Fair, in Spain. She describes her first experience at the fair and what it was about the PRE breed that was so captivating for her.

[25:52] Kim and Elise describe the PRE breed characteristics and why the Iberian horse inspires such passion in its owners.

[34:58] How Kim defines success and what it means to be successful. She also tells the story of Grandioso III, which helps illustrate her views.

[42:50] How it felt for Kim when Grandioso was recognized in the international community.

[46:49] What does the Van Kampen legacy mean to Kim?

[51:10] Kim talks about the evolution of dressage in the U.S.

[54:50] About next week’s episode of Because of Horses!

[56:13] Where to learn more about dressage, PRE, and Kim Van Kampen.


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