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Because of Horses

Jul 12, 2019

Elise’s guest today is Jim Masterson, creator of the Masterson Equine Bodywork — an innovative form of equine massage that allows the horse to release pain and tension in muscles and connective tissue. It’s based on the use of light touch and gentle movement in a relaxed state, as well as careful observation of the horse’s response. It not only helps with a horse’s overall wellness, but it also improves the communication and relationship between a horse and their rider. 


Jim has applied his method of equine massage on behalf of the U.S. Equestrian Team’s Endurance Team and for horses competing in FEI World Cup, Pan American, and World Games competitions. He has also worked on equine competitors on the U.S. Hunter-Jumper Show circuit, including top events such as the USEF and Maclay Medal series, and FEI Grand Prix, Nation’s Cup, Pan American, and World Cup jumping events. And Jim has helped members of the USET Singles Driving Team and of the USET Jumping team. 


An international clinician, Jim has presented to large crowds of enthusiastic horse owners around the world, including the Equitana Asia Pacific and Equine Affaire equine conventions and Your Horse Live event in the UK.


In this week’s episode, Elise and Jim discuss the Masterson Method in detail and some of the most significant results it brings. He shares many details about the “magic” and science behind the method, how anyone can incorporate it in their own routine, and how to become officially certified. Don’t miss this week’s important episode to learn all about how you can better the overall health and wellness of your horse(s)!


Topics of Discussion:

[:25] About today’s guest, Jim Masterson.

[1:32] Jim speaks about the profound event that led to his interest in equine massage.

[6:47] How to differentiate between your horse just not understanding what we’re asking vs. stiffness from discomfort.

[10:48] Jim speaks about the importance of deepening our relationship with our horse.

[13:50] When Jim first approaches a horse, how does he identify where the discomfort originates? And how does he decide where to start addressing the issue(s)?

[18:37] Are riders collectively doing something that’s leading to our horses’ muscle tension?

[23:02] How can we work intuitively with our horses?

[26:08] One of the most important foundations for Jim’s method: us.

[27:00] How Jim works with horses who simply can’t tolerate a direct approach.

[30:33] Jim highlights a positive component to increasing communication with our horse(s).

[33:05] Jim speaks about his and Mark Rashid’s training and clinics.

[37:41] The magic and science behind releasing tension in horses.

[42:05] How do clinic participants bring what they learned from Jim’s teaching back to their own horses and barn?

[44:12] How does Jim recommend incorporating his form of equine massage into our regular routine?

[49:47] What to know about the Masterson Method to become certified.

[52:48] About Jim’s upcoming pilot program!

[54:47] About next week’s guest on Because of Horses.

[56:17] Jim speaks about what he’s up to and where to find out more about him and the Masterson Method.


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Beyond Horse Massage: A Breakthrough Interactive Method for Alleviating Soreness, Strain, and Tension, by Jim Masterson

Next week’s episode of Because of Horses


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