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Because of Horses

Jun 21, 2019

British television, radio and print journalist Brough Scott, MBE, began broadcasting nearly 50 years ago after a career as a jump jockey, ultimately becoming one of the best-known figures in British horse racing and sport. As a jockey, he rode over 100- winners including at the Imperial Cup and the Mandarin Handicap Chase. As a journalist, he has reported at major sporting events ranging from Wimbledon to the Olympic Games to the Epsom Derby.

As a journalist for the Sunday Times, Independent on Sunday and Sunday Telegraph, Brough was a three-time Sports Feature Writer of the Year. Brough is also an award-winning author and has written or edited nine books, including the biographies Churchill at the Gallop, Galloper Jack, and Henry Cecil: Trainer of Genius, which won the 2014 British Sports Book Award for “Best Horse Racing Book.”

Brough’s grandfather, General “Galloper” Jack Seely, was a legendary World War I hero who later went on to become a member of Parliament and a close friend of Winston Churchill. The life of Seely’s horse Warrior, a homebred Thoroughbred gelding, has been immortalized in the book Warrior: The Amazing Story of a Real War Horse. Seely and Warrior served together for five years in World War I, leading one of the last cavalry charges at the Battle of Moreuil Wood. They both survived the war, leading English papers to dub Warrior, “the horse the Germans could not kill.”


Topics of Discussion:

[:24] About today’s episode and featured guest.

[1:55] Brough shares the story of his grandfather and his university friend betting on an outsider in a 21-horse race in 1895 Newmarket.

[5:10] Given Brough’s family legacy and his connection to Winston Churchill, what strikes him as he reflects on the 75th anniversary of D-Day?

[8:35] What does Brough remember about his grandfather, General Jack Seely, and the stories his father told of him?

[17:17] Having known his grandfather through his family’s stories and not through his personal memories, was he surprised by anything he learned while writing his book, Galloper Jack?

[24:17] Brough speaks about Gen. Jack Seely’s legendary horse, Warrior.

[32:24] Elise and Brough discuss his remarkable grandfather’s experiences as a cavalry leader and the horses he rode in war.

[37:27] How did being a horseman enhance Brough’s understanding and appreciation of Churchill when he was writing his book, Churchill at the Gallop? And how did that help to see him in a different light than the countless others who have written about him?

[50:39] Elise and Brough speak about the profound effect that horses had on Churchill’s life.

[58:46] Brough speaks about what’s endorsement of his book, Churchill at the Gallop, means to him.

[1:04:09] Brough’s reminisces about his years as a jockey and highlights some of the moments that stood out to him.

[1:10:33] Elise gives a preview of next week’s episode of Because of Horses.

[1:11:35] Where to find Brough and his books online!


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Warrior: The Amazing Story of a Real War Horse, by General Jack Seely

Galloper Jack: The Remarkable Story of the Man Who Rode a Real War Horse, by Brough Scott

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War Horse (Film, 2011)

War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo

Churchill at the Gallop: Winston's Life in the Saddle, by Brough Scott

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Next week’s episode of Because of Horses


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