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Because of Horses

Aug 31, 2018

Elise’s guest today is Sabine Grebe, Lufthansa Cargo’s Animal Lounge Chief, at the Frankfurt International Airport in Germany.


As the gateway for most horses going into Germany and Europe, as well as those leaving Europe for international travel, Lufthansa Cargo’s Frankfurt Animal Lounge handles horses of all breeds, disciplines, and training — from elite FEI and Olympic equine competitors to wild Mustangs, fresh off the range.  More than 2,000 horses are transported in and out of Frankfurt every year — and, in addition to that, Sabine and staff are also taking care of over 15,000 pets, 80 million fish, and 150 zoo animals... including tigers.


From riding in full cowboy regalia in a Bandera, Texas, Memorial Day parade to providing meticulous and knowledgeable care for all of the animals in her charge, Sabine's story is fun and fascinating. So, if you've ever thought about shipping a horse by air — even if you're just wondering how it's done — this is the episode for you.


Topics of Discussion:

[:45] About Elise’s guest today, Sabine Grebe.

[1:18] Sabine shares the story of when Lufthansa handled a herd of wild Mustangs coming from the U.S. into Germany.

[4:20] The reasons why horse owners choose to ship their horses by air.

[5:54] A typical day for Sabine and the staff at the Animal Lounge.

[9:00] What the experience is like for Sabine to see the many different breeds of horses coming through the Animal Lounge.

[10:32] Sabine’s experience seeing the world’s top competitive horses and reiners coming in.

[13:08] About the American Quarter Horse’s popularity in Germany.

[15:00] Sabine’s special experience of riding in a Memorial Day weekend parade in Bandera, Texas.

[16:41] What are the traits, experiences, and backgrounds Lufthansa looks for in hiring potential staff?

[19:53] What is the process of shipping horses?

[23:20] Sabine explains how hygiene is managed daily when shipping horses.

[25:18] About the standards for groomers who stay with the horses during travel.

[28:37] How Lufthansa handles horses that may not get along with each other.

[30:42] Are some containers bigger depending on the horse breed or gender?

[31:17] A preview of next week’s episode.

[32:26] How pilots modify the way they fly when they’re carrying horses.

[33:00] Some of Sabine’s most memorable experiences.

[34:33] What Sabine thinks you should know as an owner looking to ship your horse.

[35:54] How did Sabine originally become involved with horses?

[37:00] How Sabine came to join Lufthansa.

[39:35] How to find out more about Lufthansa’s services.


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