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Because of Horses

Dec 22, 2017

Elise’s guests this week are country performers and songwriters, husband and wife, Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay — who are currently on tour together, performing at venues all across the U.S.A.


Sam is a longtime veteran of the music industry, starting out in Memphis, playing guitar and singing in local bands. After moving to Nashville, he signed on as a staff songwriter at the legendary Acuff-Rose Publishing Company, where a number of his songs had tremendous success. 


Templeton began writing music very early on, following an Arista Records internship, and Reba McEntire recorded one of her songs in which she also performed as a backup singer.  Templeton and Sam have provided music for the award-winning film producer and director, Cindy Meehl — who is best known for her films Buck and Unbranded. And their music video for “When I Get That Pony Rode” was produced by Meehl and it reached number one on Country Music Television and on Great American Country’s Top 10 list for eight weeks.


Join Elise this week on Because of Horses  as Templeton and Sam talk about sharing their dreams, writing music and performing together, and the ups and downs of living in the spotlight. We'll also listen to excerpts of some of their songs and learn about the creative process behind each.


Topic of Discussion:

[:46] Excerpt of “Cowgirl Creed,” by Templeton Thompson.

[1:46] Introduction of this week's guests, Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay.

[3:11] The story of how Templeton and Sam’s musical and marital journey began.

[11:38] How the song “Bring it on Home Chrome” was created and raised money for Old Friends Equine, an organization dedicated to helping retired racehorses.

[18:17] Born horse-crazy: Templeton on growing up and the role horses played.

[22:00] Behind the scenes of pursuing their dreams.

[32:30] The emotionally touching emails and notes Templeton receives.

[33:48] The incredible vulnerability of performing.

[35:55] How Sam and Templeton describe their country music and what they love about it.

[41:52] An excerpt of their song, “Girls and Horses,” and the creation, inspiration, and meaning behind it.

[43:56] How Templeton’s horse, Jane, became a Breyer Horse model.

[48:28] Elise’s horse of a lifetime: the Andalusian stallion, Novelisto.

[52:14] The role horses have played in Sam’s life, Templeton’s take on integrating horses into their marriage, and their journeys with their horses, Bo and Jane.

[1:05:20] An excerpt from “Life is Good,” Sam and Templeton’s song, and how they wrote it.

[1:11:42] Funny family stories.

[1:14:50] Where to find Sam and Templeton online.

[1:17:44] Excerpt from “Life on Planet Cowgirl.”


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