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Because of Horses

Nov 2, 2018

Everyone who loves riding knows the best view in the world is the one from your saddle. That’s why social media sensation Kristine Dahms created the wildly popular Life Between the Ears.

Having taken some time off to focus on her career, Kristine felt the increasing allure of horses and returned to riding in her 40s. The view was so beautiful from her horse’s back that she began taking and posting photos online... and her Instagram and Facebook pages exploded, with tens of thousands of riders all over the world sending her photos of their own.

Life Between the Ears now provides a thriving and beautiful equestrian community that defies geography, cultures, politics, and languages, and simply brings everyone together through their shared love of horses.

In this episode, Kristine talks all about Life Between the Ears — why she believes it resonates with so many people, her favorite photos, how and why she started the endeavor, the most exotic locations Kristine has seen so far, and how she selects which photos she will post. Kristine also talks about her supportive husband, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated photographer; her graphic design business, Twist Design; and how she unites her love of horses and of design through Life Between the Ears.


Topics of Discussion:

[:20] About Elise’s episode today with Kristine.

[:53] How Kristine started Life Between the Ears and why she believes it resonates with so many people.

[4:17] At what point did Kristine realize the potential of Life Between the Ears?

[6:10] An easier way to listen to Because of Horses.

[7:05] Elise’s and Kristine’s wonderfully supportive brothers who are very aware of their sisters’ horse addictions!

[7:48] Is Kristine’s husband interested in horses, too?

[9:24] The funny story of how Kristine navigated her way into getting her first horse after her husband’s and her move to the Pacific Northwest.

[11:22] The story of Kristine’s first time riding in decades and the unfortunate aftermath.

[15:19] About Kristine’s first horse, Baloo.

[16:26] About one of Kristine’s favorite photos.

[19:20] About Elise’s book, A Parent’s Guide to Riding Lessons.

[20:02] What are some of the most exotic or furthest locations Kristine has seen so far, from her Life Between the Ears Facebook group?

[21:29] Are there any locations that have surprised Kristine?

[24:22] Has Kristine put together a bucket list based on the photos she has been sent? Where has she traveled?

[26:19] How does Kristine select the photos she uses? How do people send them in?

[28:38] About Kristine’s successful and talented husband, the photographer, and his thoughts on Life Between the Ears.

[30:15] How Kristine and her husband met and fell in love through their mutual love of photography.

[31:55] About next week’s episode on Because of Horses.

[33:03] Kristine speaks about her design work for Life Between the Ears.

[34:48] Kristine talks about the potential book proposal in the works!

[35:57] What advice would Kristine offer to others with unique ideas and unsure on how to gain an online following?

[40:16] Where to learn more about Life Between the Ears and Kristine’s designs.


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Twist Design by Kristine Dahms

A Parent’s Guide to Riding Lessons: Everything You Need to Know to Survive and Thrive with a Horse-Loving Kid, by Elise Chand


“5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Horse Photos,” by Kristine Dahms (on Equitrekking)

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