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Because of Horses

Mar 2, 2018

In this episode, Elise talks with award-winning blogger and journalist Fran Jurga, who has devoted her career to writing about horse health, covering Olympic equestrian events and World Equestrian Games, and sharing delightful stories about veterinarians and farriers for her wildly popular – at more than 3.75 million visitors –  Jurga Report (for EQUUS Magazine and AIM Equine Network) and The Hoof Blog


And then there's Molly, the abandoned three-legged pony who survived Hurricane Katrina. This courageous, little mare's life profoundly impacted Fran... as well as tens of thousands of people across the world whose hearts were touched by her story.


From horse healthcare to the use of whips in horse racing — Fran doesn’t shy away from covering timely stories her horse-enthusiast readers want and need. Whether the topic is treating lameness, concussive injuries among riders, cutting-edge sensory science — there is no mistaking Fran’s passion for her life’s work and for connecting with others who share her love for all things equine. 


Topics of Discussion:

[1:41] Did Fran always know what she wanted to do?

[3:09] Where Fran’s interest in horses came from.

[5:14] About Fran’s other work in museum conceptual planning and exhibit design.

[8:36] Why Fran believes that the study of horses’ hooves is under-served in the horse world.

[13:25] What Fran’s business, Hoofcare Publishing, means to her, and how it has evolved since its inception.

[18:33] Some of the awards and recognition Fran has received from her work with horses, and what they mean to her.

[21:54] The story of Molly, the abandoned, three-legged pony.

[27:30] Reading listener feedback!

[29:21] How Molly’s story helped inspire Fran during the impact of hurricane Katrina.

[34:40] Where Fran’s courage comes from when covering controversial topics.

[42:27] Fran’s insight on why horse-lovers can be emotionally charged.

[48:35] About the endless amount of stories Fran hopes to write.

[51:22] About Fran’s experience on the CD series “Inventing Your Horse Career.”

[56:20] How do the stakes change when you’re a freelancer and how do you measure success when there are no clear-cut milestones?

[1:00:43] The importance of the "small moments."

[1:06:18] Where to find Fran online.


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Discover More About this Week’s Guest — Fran Jurga

Twitter Accounts: @FranJurga, @EquiSearch, @HoofBlog, and @HoofHistory.

Websites: The Hoof Blog, Equi Search, Hoofcare Publishing, and The Jurga Report on EQUUS Magazine


Mentioned in this Episode:

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AIM Equine Network

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Hoofcare Publishing

American Farriers Journal


Molly the Pony

War Horse (2011)

“Inventing Your Horse Career” CD Series


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