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Because of Horses

Jan 11, 2019

Horseman, performer and poet Guy McLean is originally from Melbourne, Australia, but moved to Queensland to what became his parents’ Susan River Homestead Holiday Ranch. There, this shy young boy grew up, devoted to horses and developing his horsemanship skills and deep love for the Bush country.

Named official Ambassador of the Outback, Guy has wowed audiences with his performances of horsemanship, Bush poetry and whip cracking since 1999. In 2005, Guy was the inaugural winner of Equitana’s “Way of the Horse” young horse-starting competition and he credits his victory with the methods he learned in the Queensland Bush. 

Guy and his talented horses – many of whom prior owners had given up on – have performed for over a million people and achieved worldwide acclaim. He is referred to by his fans and Australian dignitaries as a “national treasure” and “living legend.” Although this humble Australian still blushes at such remarks, it is these kind words and his remarkable relationship with his horses that inspire him to succeed and continue to spread his message.

Now an international sensation, Guy makes his base in the United States… although his beloved homeland of Australia is where his heart resides.


Guy believes that the best tools in horsemanship are knowledge, compassion, patience, and imagination. And in today’s episode, this really shows through. He shares his kind words and stories of inspiration, his beliefs about horses and their partnership with humans, the difference between a rider and a horseman, and so much more.


Topics of Discussion:

[:18] About Elise’s guest today, Guy McLean.

[1:11] About Guy’s family and life growing up in the Bush.

[3:30] How Guy’s father’s words when he was younger have guided his life — especially with horses.

[6:44] Guy reflects on how far he has come since the shy, little boy he once was, as well as the difference between being a rider and a horseman.

[10:55] What Guy thinks horses want from us.

[14:33] Guy McLean recites his remarkable poem, “This is War,” and explains the story behind it.

[19:11] What Guy wishes people knew about “difficult” horses.

[26:54] How Guy takes knowing horses to the next level.

[31:06] Guy describes the Australian Stock Horse breed and personality.

[35:21] Guy elaborates on some of the unique elements of an Aussie stockman, and how and why he shares them in his performances.

[43:55] Guy and Elise discuss Guy’s move to Texas (AKA the Australia of the States!)

[47:25] Guy talks about the fulfilling path he has taken with horses.

[50:39] About next week’s episode of Because of Horses.

[51:37] Why it is so important to Guy to be charitable and kind-hearted.

[56:40] Guy tells the story of when he first met Stacy Westfall.

[58:04] Where to learn more about Guy and follow him online.


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