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Because of Horses

Dec 29, 2017

While there are legions of talented female farriers around the globe, it remains a predominantly male profession. So, it’s especially fascinating that the Executive Director of The American Farriers Association happens to be a woman — who, having attended Mount Holyoke College and Yale School of Management, also happens to be incredibly well-educated.


With terrific insight and a wonderful sense of humor, Elise’s guest today, Beth Daniels, takes the old adage, “No hoof, no horse,” to entirely new levels. Through her role with the AFA, Beth has helped to champion the critical need for a team approach between the horse owner, the equine vet, and the farrier to ensure the best possible care for horses. Utilizing cutting-edge materials, critical scientific research, and a vet-unified team approach, AFA is helping to tackle problems like navicular syndrome, laminitis, and other chronic conditions — to not only increase horses’ comfort, but also their longevity and athleticism. For Beth and the professional, international AFA members, it’s not just a job -- it's a genuine dedication to horses' well-being, marked by passion and devotion.


Beth joins Elise today to discuss her role in the AFA, how she became Executive Director, where and when her love for horses began, the importance of farriers in equine health, and the personal characteristics vital to pursuing one's passion. Listen in to hear her perspective on  horses, their health, and educating owners on the critical importance of developing a partnership between themselves, their vets, and their farriers.


Topic of Discussion:

[2:07] Beth’s path to becoming AFA’s Executive Director.

[3:35] What Beth’s volunteer experiences have meant to her and the drive behind trying different roles.

[5:00] Where Beth’s love of adventure began.

[7:08] When Beth became interested in horses.

[9:36] A funny interaction between Elise and a stranger.

[11:06] A similar trait Beth has noticed as well, that parallels Elise’s story.

[12:53] How Beth’s love of horses has guided the decisions she's made throughout her life.

[15:18] The love of horses.

[16:43] What Beth thinks about the debate of following one’s passion versus developing a more mainstream career.

[21:44] The personal characteristics that are vital for pursuing one's passion.

[25:18] The importance of keeping a positive script within your mind.

[26:37] What’s at stake when we don’t follow our dreams?

[32:20] Taking steps towards a positive change and improving yourself.

[39:23] What success looks like to Beth.

[41:54] An important life lesson Beth learned from her mother.

[43:45] A life lesson from Randy Pausch.

[44:55] How Beth describes the AFA to those unfamiliar with the organization.

[49:30] The difference between a farrier and a blacksmith.

[50:48] How to distinguish between a good and a great farrier.

[53:38] How can horse owners make the farrier’s job easier and safer?

[55:52] What happens when a farrier gets ill or injured, and can’t work?

[56:51] Partnering for horse health: developing the perfect three-way relationship between the horse owner, veterinarian, and the farrier.

[1:01:23] The importance of the farrier role.

[1:06:17] Where to learn more about AFA.


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