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Because of Horses

Feb 16, 2018

Elise’s guest today is Oklahoma State University’s equestrian team Head Coach, Larry Sanchez. Coach Sanchez has been essential in gaining varsity recognition for equestrian sports and currently serves as the spokesman for the Varsity Equestrian Steering Committee, which is responsible for the development, organization, and implementation of the NCAA’s recognition of equestrian sports.


As one of the most respected equestrian coaches in the US, Coach Sanchez has guided OSU’s equestrian team to National Championships in 2000, 2003 - ’06, and ’13; and has led the Cowgirls to Big 12 Championships in the 2009, 2012 - ’14 seasons, as well. During his coaching career, 14 of Coach Sanchez’s qualifying teams have placed in the Top 4 at the National Level. He’s coached 23 riders to Individual National Championships and 13 riders to Reserve Championships. And he was selected the Big 12 Coach of the Year in 2017.


Join Elise and Coach Sanchez as he shares  the qualities coaches look for when selecting team members, offering scholarships, and for achieving greatness in both competition and in life. Students and parents should take note of his insights into coaching Oklahoma State’s talented equestrian team, the strategies he employs in competitions, the ins and outs of the recruiting process, and what it means to be a part of a school that values horses, tradition, and their cowboy heritage.


Topics of Discussion:

[2:36] What Coach Sanchez thinks makes Oklahoma State’s Cowgirls equestrian team a force to be reckoned with, year after year.

[3:42] How Coach Sanchez and the Cowgirls manage to keep focused on each new meet at hand.

[6:34] What is a Eurociser?

[7:53] What is the upcoming crop of freshman riders like?

[9:14] What Coach Sanchez believes sets top riders apart from the competition and his recruiting process.

[22:15] All about OSU’s equestrian team scholarships.

[28:38] Elise shares listeners' feedback!

[30:15] The collegiate team experience: working with the lower classmen, recruiting, and helping with the adjustment from individual to team sport.

[35:40] Struck by OSU’s equestrian team’s manners, Elise asks if they come to the school with these traits already instilled in them or if they’ve learned them throughout their time at OSU.

[40:13] How grooming is crucial to horsemanship, as well as the many tasks that help build OSU's talented team.

[44:11] What does it mean to be part of a school that values horses and cowboy heritage? And do these aspects result in greater campus interest in the equestrian team?

[49:06] How NCAA equestrian competitions work and how points are won.

[51:13] The strategies Coach Sanchez employs in competitions.

[53:58] What schools are part of the Big 12? And which equestrian competitor is the team to beat?

[56:08] What drew Coach Sanchez to coaching in the first place and how he got his job at Oklahoma State.

[1:00:00] Guidance Coach Sanchez has for parents in helping to support their kids in collegiate-level equestrian sports.

[1:02:34] Where to find Coach Sanchez and the OSU equestrian team online.


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